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There are advantages to knowing a seasoned cowboy. Big advantages.
When a bull comes charging at you and someone needs to grab it by the horns, the cowboy will look at you with a knowing tell that will simply inform you that this ain’t his first rodeo. He knows what he’s doing, but more importantly, he’s good at it.
When it comes to the brand identity of our clients, we know what we’re doing; and we’re good at it.
Company’s can’t go and ‘find themselves’ to discover their core brand identity, not for extended times anyway. Business needs to continue as usual in order to keep the company strong and growing. But it’s a catch-22; how can you grow if you don’t know who you are and you’re not telling people properly?
You can hit the local inland convention centre or disappear into the Drakensberg for a few days with your top execs for a vision planning session, but how do you take this further? How do you take your brand to the rodeo and get it noticed?
You ask a cowboy. You ask someone who’s done it before, and is good at it. You ask us.
When it comes to building a presence around your brand, it’s not our first rodeo.
Branding is about a journey. A journey that is unique to you, your products, your services; your brand. To communicate this you need a brand communication strategy that is employed through products or branded items. At Promo Connection, this really is what we do best.
It might be gifts to big clients, or freebie hand outs at activations. They could be your everyday stationery, crockery and toiletries that are used around the office. It could be the cups that you […]

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The 3 M’s Of Creating A Great Brand Campaign

You can scour the Internet for days looking for marketing and branding tips. Mountains of information will cascade into your browser; and you will most likely find that you’re still frustrated and no closer than you were before you started your journey to creating ‘that awesome brand campaign’.
Creating a brand campaign that lifts your brand to a new level, sets you apart from your competitors and keeps your target market talking about you, is foundationally routed in the creativity of your campaign – and that cannot be discovered on Google. Creative brand campaigns are funky, fresh and simple.
If you’ve already taken a swim in the Google pool of top branding tips, then you will know that all the best slogans are short, punchy and generally around three words: Finger Lickin’ Good, Just Do It, We Are Driven, Putting You First, Impossible is Nothing and Open Happiness. All of these slogans have set the pace for the brand campaigns.  They’ve created a simple focus and are open to being used in a variety of contexts, keeping them fresh and memorable at the same time.
If you’re standing at the crossroads of developing a new brand identity, here’s a simple rubric to follow: The 3 M’s.
Your slogan, or any brand element, needs to be easy to recognize, and easy to recall.  It should have a quality that causes it to stick in the minds of your target audience, to keep them thinking about it. A striking image or a word carrying some emotion helps to grab attention and keep it. Like the slogans that we shared above; Impossible is Nothing, is a very emotive slogan that speaks of power, support and encouragement. As a sports brand, Adidas […]

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When a South African hears the name Klipdrift, the natural response is “Met eish?” (*with ice).  Why, because only a South African would understand.  Klipdrift is a brand that is distinguished without being inaccessible.  It is a truly South African brand with a substantial and rich heritage.

Synonymous with generosity and hospitality among all South African cultures, their pay-off line is aptly “Maak jouself tuis” (*Make yourself at home).  It’s a drink that brings people together and breaks the ice.

Klipdrift inspires a forward-thinking South African society that is more hospitable, charitable and generous.



Consumers who choose this brand are typically white, affluent and Afrikaans speaking.  They appreciate this brand because it strengthens their sense of generosity and true South African hospitality.  Our product choices for Klipdrift tied in with the emotional benefits of the brand: self-confidence, social acceptance, belonging, SA affiliation and inclusivity.

We felt that our product choice and brand design had to enhance the message of inspiring a spirit of generosity, particularly since we still live in a society where ethnic and cultural differences still play a major part in social, economic and political decisions.  Klipdrift is an integral and historic part of the South African spirit of giving, sharing and breaking down barriers and expectations that keep people apart.

Visually, Klipdrift’s font choice is unique and differentiates itself quickly.  This was important when designing how the final products would look.  Ultimately, we wanted practical and trendy items that would add value to our brand, our message and to our consumers.

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Many people know the Savanna brand from watching Barry Hilton play a dry-humoured barman in a variety of dead-pan skits, the pay-off line being: ‘Savanna: It’s dry, but you can drink it.’
How can you improve on that? Well, most of the time brand strategy is not about improving on a successful campaign, but enhancing it. The question is then: how can we take this message further? The answer is not a simple one, but rather it is about recognizing the journey that our brand is on and partnering with them to help them reach further, stay longer and make a bigger impact.


We identified two key target markets for Savanna:
Firstly, a group that spans 24-34 years of age, with an older profile and an affluent social standing. They are confident and individual in their choice of drink. They tend to choose alcohol brands that express their sophistication, importance and sense of achievement or accomplishment. As a staple part of their drinking repertoire they will drink Savanna in bars, restaurants, as the wind-up drink that is sessionable, and at more informal social gatherings.
Secondly, a younger, new-generation of 18-24 years. Those who want a brand that is classic and premium, yet unpretentious and at ease everywhere, anytime. A brand that is refreshingly different, taking its consumers, rather than itself seriously.
Knowing our demographic target is key when it comes to product selection and brand design implementation. We always make an effort to understand and forecast the emotional benefits of the brand in order to match our brand solution:
For Savanna, we listed the following emotional Benefits:

Self-expressive (individualistic)
Refreshingly different
Inclusive through being exclusive

As we began, it cannot be ignored that Savanna’s branding baseline is “Seriously Humorous”. It helps […]

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Our greatest strength is being able to take a brand’s identity and gently add a fresh, funky and trendy feel to it in a way that enhance the tradition of the brand and pushes is forward.  Richelieu was no different.

It’s easy to change a brand identity, but it is an art to transform it into something that is the same, but better.  As with all of our clients, we begin with the brief given and our own research of the client’s brand identity.  Richelieu brandy is steeped in the tradition of the French brandy-master’s art – the age-old skill of combining purity, mellowness and maturity to produce a rich and rewarding, full-bodied brandy.

Adding to their Parisian heritage, Richelieu is also synonymous with cycling and F1 racing.  It is no wonder that their brand message is: “Life is about happiness, enjoying the moment, meeting new people and having fun with your friends.”

With this knowledge we then created story boards, selected products, and confirmed lead times for activations.


When we create storyboards we always keep the consumer profile, consumer insight and perceived emotional benefits at the forefront of our creative motivations.  We think about who we are talking to, what they hold as important and how they believe that they would benefit from the brand.

Richelieu has a strong social culture, which means that much of our focus is on products and branding that will be inviting and bring people together.


For Richelieu, we felt that the products that we were selecting needed to communicate that the brand is:


Our selection of products included watches, beach towels, laptop backpacks, cycling multi-tools, cycling gloves, F1 watches and jackets, mountain bikes, headphones and a rechargeable torch.  All […]

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