When you think about a bank you probably think the following: stress, long waits, boring colours, expensive fees and complex forms and procedures. If you do, you wouldn’t be far wrong as these emotions are mostly based on your experience: in the bank, on the phone and on their website. For the Capitec brand campaign, this was not the case.

Take a quick look at their website (www.capitecbank.co.za) and you’ll see immediately that they’re different. They say that they’re simple banking; and they are. They say that their fees are less; and they are. They’re open and transparent and instil a level trust and confidence. It’s no wonder they’re one of South Africa’s top five banks and are the fastest growing bank.

With this as our base to build a branded campaign, our focus was on their brand colours, youthful vibrancy, practical items that would be worn and enjoyed (timing was for winter) and high visibility branding options.

Capitec Mood Board LR

Capitec knows that the future of banking lies within the younger market and wants to establish itself as a trusted brand for future markets as well as present. We chose items that would be happily worn by young people during their normal activities: walking to college and hanging out with their friends. Capitec’s logo works best in a narrow strip layout, which was also carefully considered when designing and branding the promotional items for them.

We looked at the positive and negative spaces within their logo and explored ways in which we could use these to increase brand prominence without creating something that’s overly branded and would simply be tossed into a cupboard and never worn out an about.

We are proud to work with a bank that steps out of the box regularly and is not afraid to try new things. Strong branding is reinforced by sustained, congruent messages and this has made it a great journey with Capitec!