Over the passed ten years we have built up a catalogue of over 350, high perceived-value items for any event, activation or campaign that will benefit from choosing the right promotional product: an item that your target audience will appreciate and walk away with, remembering your brand and what you can offer them. Having access to the best options is the easy part, choosing the best items for your brand activation is not as easy.

Sunglasses and Bag - Black

Sunglasses and Bag – Black

As brand experts, we can not only source and supply what you need, but we can help you on the journey. Many of our clients come to us with a vision of how they’d like things to look, but they’re unsure of the steps that they need to take to get them there. Some of our clients come to us after feeling like they’re stuck on a plateau and they are bored with the same tired solutions to promote their brand with products that never seem to get the traction they were hoping for.


Whilst we approach every client with a level unique differentiation and an appreciation to their specific brand identity, there are a few guidelines that we’d like to share with you that help us and could help you too when choosing the right promotional product.


It’s not good enough to think that everyone appreciates a ‘free lunch’. Just because you’re planning on giving stuff away, doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will appreciate it. If your target audience were aged 55+, they probably wouldn’t value a memory stick. If they’re 16-25, they might be far less keen on branded pen and leather notebook, which research shows, is a preferred item in older demographics.

You also need to think about gender preferences. If you want to reach 30-40 year old men, giving away pink colour-changing coffee mugs will not be the greatest idea. Whilst colour-changing mugs have a high novelty factor, the colour choice will depend on who your target audience is. Various other demographic factors are also very important to the types of promotional products that you choose. LSM stats can help considerably with defining your audience in a manner that allows you to choose suitable products that would be well received.


GolferDepending on your campaign, this is not always crucial, but it’s always highly beneficial to choose a promotional item that will assist, enhance or tandem with the use of your service or product. If you sell energy drinks, you might want to choose an item of clothing that would be worn whilst exercising, or you could choose a novel bottle or mixer that would help your customers enjoy the use of your product.

Every time your product gets used, it will be in a manner that relates to what you do or what you provide and will add to establishing your brand as the preferred choice.


Sometimes you want to create a little bit of fun and a gimmicky product might suit your specific activation, but for products that stay around and have longevity, usefulness is paramount. For a product that will keep its high perceived-value, you want to choose something that will not only relate to what you do, but will be useful whilst engaging with your product or service. These items get kept and become sought-after, branded icons.

Design, manufacture quality and material choice are quintessential features in choosing the ultimate promotional products for your brand. If the shirts that your staff wears look cheaply made they will make a statement about your product and service.

If the shoulder bags that you give away fall apart and only last a few days you will end up frustrating people instead of instilling confidence in your ability to deliver.

If the thermos flask that you choose doesn’t actually keep drinks warm for longer than an hour, you’re dead in the cold water that’s stuck inside.