When times are tough and consumers are counting their pennies, giving away free promotional items remains one of the most effective marketing strategies the world over. Giving away a free gift with your product differentiates it in three immediate ways:

1. Shelf value is higher
2. Auxiliary benefit is greater
3. Brand awareness is elevated

Take a moment to think about your own purchase behaviour when buying a gift for a family holiday. For Father’s Day, you’ll be more inclined to buy the cologne that comes with a toiletry bag or a limited edition pen than one that’s standing all by itself. Not only will you notice the gift-pack cologne, but you’ll also notice a brand that you may not always look for, you’ll feel that there is more benefit to buying a cologne with a free-gift (because your gift is now bigger too!!) and when comparing other items on the shelf, the gift-pack will stand out from the rest.

Think about having to buy a list of supplements at the pharmacy. You’ll pick up bottle after bottle to see how many pills are inside and how many you need to take. A pack of 90 may seem cheaper than a pack of 30, but if you have to take three a day, it will last for the same time. However, if you can get a pack of 90 with an extra supplement for free, or a special free recipe booklet, you’ll go with that option over your normal choice of 30.

Why? Because gift packs can make all the difference in influencing consumer behaviour.

If you go to your local Network operator and they have a device that comes with a free cover, you’ll be more inclined to consider that option because then you won’t have to buy a cover yourself. Often, when you do the sums, the ‘free’ gift offer negligible monetary value, but the perceived value of the bundled offer is high enough to sway your choice.

AHunters Speakerst Promo Connection, we are proud to have access to hundreds of incredible products that can make the perfect gift-pack edition to your products, setting them apart from your competition and giving you an edge that will activate deeper market penetration and extend your brand identity to sway consumer behaviour in your favour.

If an off-the-shelf solution is not suitable for you, we can manufacture customised value-adds that will be unique to your brand; your products and your value offering.