Many people know the Savanna brand from watching Barry Hilton play a dry-humoured barman in a variety of dead-pan skits, the pay-off line being: ‘Savanna: It’s dry, but you can drink it.’

How can you improve on that? Well, most of the time brand strategy is not about improving on a successful campaign, but enhancing it. The question is then: how can we take this message further? The answer is not a simple one, but rather it is about recognizing the journey that our brand is on and partnering with them to help them reach further, stay longer and make a bigger impact.


Savanna Mood Board 1000

We identified two key target markets for Savanna:

Firstly, a group that spans 24-34 years of age, with an older profile and an affluent social standing. They are confident and individual in their choice of drink. They tend to choose alcohol brands that express their sophistication, importance and sense of achievement or accomplishment. As a staple part of their drinking repertoire they will drink Savanna in bars, restaurants, as the wind-up drink that is sessionable, and at more informal social gatherings.

Secondly, a younger, new-generation of 18-24 years. Those who want a brand that is classic and premium, yet unpretentious and at ease everywhere, anytime. A brand that is refreshingly different, taking its consumers, rather than itself seriously.

Knowing our demographic target is key when it comes to product selection and brand design implementation. We always make an effort to understand and forecast the emotional benefits of the brand in order to match our brand solution:

For Savanna, we listed the following emotional Benefits:

  • Confidence
  • Self-expressive (individualistic)
  • Refreshingly different
  • Inclusive through being exclusive

As we began, it cannot be ignored that Savanna’s branding baseline is “Seriously Humorous”. It helps us to communicate their brand personality and how they stand out from the rest. Savanna is a premium priced ale and refreshingly different alternative to other long alcoholic drinks.

The brand personality is

  • Juxtaposed
  • Intellectual/down to earth
  • Informal/sophisticated
  • Gegarious/aloof
  • Humorous/entertaining
  • Dry wit/Ironic/Tongue-in-cheek

All of this formed the foundation for all of our campaigns with Savanna. Whenever we work on a new project with them, we revisit our original brand assessment because whilst the final products and designs will always differ, the core messages need to be enhanced and re-enforced.