When planning a promotion strategy we first consider what we are trying to gain from the promotion. In the previous post we covered the benefits of using promotional items for your brand versus more mainstream advertising. Keeping those benefits in mind, the next step is to consider your strategy. In this article we will discuss the steps you will take to plot your strategy, which areas you will need to investigate to make certain you are making an informed decision for your market and brand. In follow up articles, we will cover the best ways to gain the information you will need to make these decisions.

While you are in the process of developing your market strategy, there are some important steps to follow in order to gain the most exposure for your promotion.



The first step is to distinguish your market into defined sectors. You cannot please a market as a whole. In partitioning them into separate groups, you can approach each group individually to guarantee more success with a focussed marketing campaign.
The second step is to focus on which sectors to communicate with and what means of communication you will use. Once you have subdivided your market into different sectors you can approach each group as a separate sector. This will allow you to focus on each groups core wants and needs, whereby showing you which form of communication will be most effective.
The third step is situating your brand in the way that you want it to be perceived by these sectors. Each core focus group will have a different opinion of your brand or will never have heard of it. This step […]