In this article Promo Connection focuses on the advantages of using promotional material to market your brand or product versus using more mainstream advertising. ASI’s 2014 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, which is a cost analysis of promotional products versus other advertising media, found high-impact cost-effective logoed items can allow even small companies to achieve as high an ROI as major corporations.
Promo Connection has found over the years that there are a few key areas in marketing that promotional gear cover far more effectively than any other marketing tactic. We briefly cover these areas below to show how advantageous branded promotional items can be to your business.

The key objective for any business is brand awareness and recognition. Being able to reach customers, both old and new, with a customised item that is front and centre of their everyday lives can effectively maintain an awareness of your brand. A branded USB with a web key to your website can be an effective way to remind your customers of your business on a daily basis.

Another, and certainly important, advantage to promotional items is that they can be low cost while reaching a mass audience. When a small marketing budget limits your advertising options, you can reach a larger audience and create a more lasting impression with ROI products. A pen with your company logo is a cost-effective way to get exposure for you brand while an in-store prize or sale give-away can easily generate a consumer bond with your brand.

Promotional items can also be functional by serving as a business or calling card. Instead of your standard card, printing your company‚Äôs details onto a practical promotional item that will be at the forefront […]