Our greatest strength is being able to take a brand’s identity and gently add a fresh, funky and trendy feel to it in a way that enhance the tradition of the brand and pushes is forward.  Richelieu was no different.

It’s easy to change a brand identity, but it is an art to transform it into something that is the same, but better.  As with all of our clients, we begin with the brief given and our own research of the client’s brand identity.  Richelieu brandy is steeped in the tradition of the French brandy-master’s art – the age-old skill of combining purity, mellowness and maturity to produce a rich and rewarding, full-bodied brandy.

Adding to their Parisian heritage, Richelieu is also synonymous with cycling and F1 racing.  It is no wonder that their brand message is: “Life is about happiness, enjoying the moment, meeting new people and having fun with your friends.”

With this knowledge we then created story boards, selected products, and confirmed lead times for activations.


When we create storyboards we always keep the consumer profile, consumer insight and perceived emotional benefits at the forefront of our creative motivations.  We think about who we are talking to, what they hold as important and how they believe that they would benefit from the brand.

Richelieu has a strong social culture, which means that much of our focus is on products and branding that will be inviting and bring people together.


For Richelieu, we felt that the products that we were selecting needed to communicate that the brand is:


Our selection of products included watches, beach towels, laptop backpacks, cycling multi-tools, cycling gloves, F1 watches and jackets, mountain bikes, headphones and a rechargeable torch.  All […]