There is one item that has become an accessory that is both a necessity and status symbol. It’s been around decades longer than the tablet and cellphone and it comes in almost any shape, size and colour you can imagine.

First worn only by women in the late 15th century, they are now everywhere: from deep-sea divers to pilots and astronauts. Impressed? Then why don’t you have one with you name on it?

If you want people looking at your brand, several times a day, then a wristwatch is a sure-fire way to do that. What do you keep glancing at when your phone battery dies and you’re late for a meeting? Which watch do you choose for a formal function or a day at the beach?

The more you think about it, the more you realise that watches are everywhere and are looked at all the time. People even show them to their friends… Perhaps your brand could benefit from a stylish, high-perceived-value watch.

One of the latest fashion statements in the watch-world is the silicone watch. From Swatch to Woolworths’ house-brand to every China Town kiosk, these trendy chronometers come in lumo colours (trending right now), are light and comfortable and cost considerably less than they look.

They look awesome in large quantities, making them ideal options for activation events at the beach, in the mall or at a trade show. In a collection of colours or stacked in funky tubes, they’ll quickly be swept up and slapped on wrists.

No matter what your brand CI, we can create a campaign around a watch that would best enhance and expand your brand. Silicone watches are hot right now, but our options are not limited to these options. We’ve designed F1 racing watches, aviators, sports straps and formal dress-watches.

Where are you taking your brand? Who’s watching?